Voucher Request Form

This form is for veterinary surgeons based in the UK to claim a complimentary* diagnostic basal ACTH test for their clients.

Vet details

Type the first 3 letters of your practice name and then select your practice from the drop-down box. If your practice does not appear here please contact your Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager.
If you do not know your practice password please contact your Boehringer Ingelheim Territory Manager.

Veterinary Surgeon details

Please enter the email address that you would like the voucher code sent to below. This address will not be retained and will be used for the sole purpose of sending this voucher code to you.

Horse Owner Details

An owner email address must be provided in order to receive a voucher code and create a Care About Cushing's profile for your client. Please do not enter your practice e-mail address here.

Horse details

This complimentary* basal ACTH test voucher code is redeemable against the laboratory fees for a basal ACTH test performed at a participating** laboratory.

*Complimentary basal ACTH test fees only. Visit, blood sampling and interpretation fees may be applied by the attending veterinary surgeon.

** Participating laboratories are Liphook Equine Hospital, Rainbow Equine Hospital, Axiom Veterinary Laboratories and Rossdales Laboratories.